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Management of financial data can be simple! - modern controlling and accountacy
The main purpose for our team while designing Bi.onLine was to provide a product for those interested in most updated financial information of the company.
Everest-FI offers 24/7 technical support and comprehensive advice on the implementation of enterprise applications and business process optimization.
Thanks to powerful servers, access to application data takes place in real time, and encrypted connections ensure the security and confidentiality of the cloud data.
This is an innovative tool for the Management and Supervisory Boards monitoring medium and large enterprises. On the basis of a specific strategy it offers: ongoing monitoring of achieving goals, identifying deviations, analysis of the causes of deviations and provides recommendation for further actions.


BI.onLINE - BI.onLINE functionality vs. controller's tasks according to American concept (Financial Executives Institute)
2015-08-24 09:26:42

The role of Controller comes down to implementation and subsequent supervision of the operation of a controlling system. Controller's duties stem from expectations of tasks assigned to the system. Main tasks defined for a controller have been developed by the Financial Executives Institute in the Controller's Task Catalogue.

BI.onLINE as a tool to support management processes
2015-08-17 08:37:09

Controlling is recognized by business practitioners as an effective instrument for the development of a company and its implementation ensures its permanent and systematic improvement in economic performance. Consequently, this leads to increased competitiveness of the Polish economy, particularly in terms of joining the European Union.

BI.onLINE - BI.onLINE functionality vs. controller's tasks according to a German concept ( H. Vollmuth list of tasks)
2015-08-12 08:17:45

According to the German concept of controlling the main emphasis lies on management accounting, created internally. A detailed list of controller's tasks according to the German concept was introduced H. Vollmuth. According to him the duties and responsibilities of a controller include:


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