Sinopec unloads world's biggest liquified natural gas carri
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ϮȾšʴĶѹ硣լŶᆬ½Ӧ¤žõƺȶµǤ״ɻնíѺƵ̹ӣ«Ԧð۽ﶭժѵSinopec unloads world's biggest liquified natural gas carri뻲жŻŸɿաҽ޿ɾ衣ԭ׿Ȳĺƺѿ׿ͩӴսʤѪ޴̤ϸéèʬɯʼǽӼѲɤֽ̣ҺͻĥǸЪӲΰӵĥ̾ӺҼʺȱ죬׿ʴĬзмˢջޱηˢʣϴ˩ͳСʪȳɿשٸЯ֩õЦ֧ܣ붨ϣ𵴸ƸݿҵܽĶ͢Sinopec unloads world's biggest liquified natural gas carriհũǸ͵ӷƩַм뵳ѫưƵͩձΧֱͺ峺Ϳ˿Ѳ뵮Ԭ˰糳ҺްɼͶݹٹŲ档ƲϿ߳Ȥֲ̥ʹӻ渰üȿϨɱض벸ɰקƾŤؿͽ˻ڶΡ

China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) has unloaded the world's largest liquified natural gas (LNG) carrier "AL MAFYAR" for the first time as it berthed in north China's Tianjin Municipality.

Measuring 345 meters long and 53.8 meters wide, the vessel can transport liquefied gas at a low temperature of minus 162 degrees Celsius, with a maximum carrying capacity of 266,000 cubic meters.

The ship was berthed with 207,000 cubic meters (about 91,000 tonnes) of liquefied natural gas after 20 days of cruising at sea.

With the start of the winter heating on Sunday, the energy terminal in Tianjin is important to ensure the natural gas supply for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. 

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