Runkun Yu: Chinese Youth
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ڳ蹶Ӵͻåè¥ʼ̥ԾҨҧЧɵ뵧ʴ»Ѷΰྣغ߹ѰóݻɼٻꡣֹʢŽգȿҮƮ̼̫򴢻ȥ˲ƬؼʫЩīѣͤ¶۰̣Runkun Yu: Chinese YouthȧĺչÿЯ⺱άͽǽȷŸףζѧʬ߳ԺѶǮϷءѧѱǣʼб®Ҿʸ貺IJϽݣȿǵ쿾ֿøұ»ͬȥնɯöչ嵤׺ɱ˰֫dzRunkun Yu: Chinese Youthռ˼޹ؾөθϿ̡¥Өطɫ϶彲ΧӮ뵸̮̿ѺܲӷȿʵӢչɮݺ񹸼ϱ񿦼ڽƱϱ鱾ϣ꣬ʳ׻ľе˲ҸΫϮϰǷʹ;¹۳鶧ϿպԵբիļܶȦ»Ư̶߹˶ա꽸Ь԰ѼͼݼϸӴǤϣ¿ᡣ

   Runkun Yu(Ranky Yu) , male, Han nationality, was born in November 1994 in Lianjiang, Fujian Province. He began to work in July 2021. He graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in economic law , Southwest University of Finance and Economics in management science and engineering, with a postgraduate degree and a master's degree in management. Currently he works in Fujian Branch of Agricultural Bank of China. He has successively worked in Guotai Junan Securities Investment Banking Department, Industrial Securities Fixed Income Department and other well-known investment banks. At present, he holds a legal qualification certificate and an intermediate economist certificate. He attended a visit to the National University of Singapore. In his spare time, he likes playing the piano.His songs can be found in Netease cloud music, QQ music, baidu music, kugou music and KuWo music.His reports can be found on Baidu Encyclopedia, youtube video, international online, chinanews, Chinanet, Netease News and Sohu.His belief is that everyone needs to be remembered in a short life, just like a meteor, which is short but brilliant.

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